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Ukraine is your best option if you are looking for your next steps in education for a universities in English in Europe…

Look no further, by choosing to further your education in Ukraine you will see that this is your way forward and will impress future employers, as they will see you are just following the crowd when you further your education. Study in Ukraine has outstanding reviews with the application process being both easy and understandable, we are with you every step of the way.

If you want to study medicine, you will find you are receiving the best education anywhere. In addition to medicine what courses can you take here in Ukraine? Well, again there are very many different courses and it really does depend on what you want to learn.

When you look at the courses available in Ukraine Universities you don’t need to consider the language because you will understand the courses. In fact, most of the courses are taught in English, with the option for other languages (Russian, French for example). Yes the national language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, so a little would help you get by, but you will find that the course you want to study in Ukraine is in English.

Best of all, studying in Ukraine as an international student, you will find all the qualifications are internationally recognised by WHO, UNESCO etc. this means that you have the perfect opportunity for studying in Ukraine as an International student. With the number of registered establishments authorised and regulated, this is the perfect challenge for those wanting to study abroad as an international student.

Applying to universities in Ukraine

Applying to universities in Ukraine is fairly simple – just apply directly to your chosen university with a copy of your passport and your most recent academic results (i.e. high school grades if applying for a bachelor’s degree and bachelor’s certificate if applying for a master’s degree).

Obtaining an invitation letter

In order to study in Ukraine, international students need an invitation letter that confirms their admittance to their chosen university. You can obtain an invitation letter directly through the university, or through one of many organizations that provide this service for both January and September intakes. There’s usually a charge for this service, which can cost around US$300 for bachelor’s programs and US$400 for master’s and PhD programs. If you do use an agency, make sure the organization you choose is authorized by the Ukraine Ministries of Foreign and Internal Affairs.

To apply for an invitation letter, students need to provide a copy of their passport, a copy of their school leaving certificate (this will be a certificate of your most recent educational achievement), and a completed application form. Generally, it takes around two to four days for an invitation letter to be processed.

The invitation letter is an official document, referred to either as a Visa Support Document or an Official Invitation. It may be countersigned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, will be processed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and is required by the Ukrainian Embassy before they can give you a student visa for Ukraine. The invitation is valid for 90-180 days from the date of its issuance, so make sure you apply for a visa within the right timeframe.

Ukraine visa requirements

Students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan do not require a visa to enter Ukraine for an indefinite stay. Students from Andorra, Canada, European Union countries, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, South Korea and the US also do not require visas for stays up to 90 days. Everyone else will require a visa to study in Ukraine.

As long as your country of origin has a Ukrainian embassy, Ukraine visa requirements are fairly straightforward. Once you have received your invitation letter, you can simply apply online at for your visa, and book an appointment at your nearest consulate. You’ll need to take originals of the following documents with you, and may need to make photocopies of them as well (check with your embassy beforehand to avoid delays):

  • Invitation letter
  • Visa application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport (valid for at least one year)
  • Eight to 18 recent passport-sized photographs (some embassies may ask for only two or three – check with your embassy to confirm)
  • Bank statement to prove financial ability OR sponsorship letter from the person bearing your expenses during your stay in Ukraine (these may not be a requirement for all nationalities – check with your embassy to confirm)
  • Medical health certificate, with examination completed no earlier than two months before start of study
  • Medical insurance confirmation letter
  • Results of HIV/AIDS test, taken no earlier than two months before start of study, in the form of an HIV/AIDS free certificate
  • An open-ended return ticket valid for one year
  • Certificate of completed higher secondary education (including transcript and mark sheet) for first year bachelor’s students
  • Additional documents for master’s and PhD students include a diploma/degree certificate, transcripts and mark sheets of all academic years

You may also require details of your permanent address and term-time address, so make sure you have these written down or memorized.

The Ukrainian embassy will translate the documents for you and notarize/certify them, either using a stamp or a signature. You must present the documents along with a migration card filled in at the Ukrainian airport.

The migration card is an important document handed out by the flight attendant on the plane, and is also available at immigration control at the Ukraine airport. You’ll have to fill in a card with two identical sections, both of which the immigration officer will stamp. The officer will retain one card and give you the other. Remember to put your migration card in a safe place as you’ll need it when you leave Ukraine. You will need to inform either your agency or university of your arrival in advance so that a representative can meet you at the airport.

Tuition fees in Ukraine

Tuition fees in Ukraine will vary depending on your chosen degree and institution. Universities in Kyiv are likely to be slightly more expensive than in other cities. Some students may also find their first year costs more than subsequent years. Ukrainian universities may administer a tuition fee package which includes costs of textbooks, exams, assistance with opening a bank account and pick-up from the airport by a representative.

You should generally expect to pay around US$2,500-5,800 per year for a bachelor’s degree, with preparatory courses costing around US$1,800. International students entering a Ukrainian university for the first time will have to pay the full fees for their first academic year upfront, and then can pay per semester for following academic years. Your university may also charge a one-off registration fee on arrival (around US$10-30).

Financial aid

Most international students in Ukraine finance their stay without help from scholarships and, as such, Ukraine does not offer government-based financial aid. Many students choose to study in Ukraine due to its significantly lower total living costs compared to other European countries, with students only needing around US$2,500 per year to cover their costs of living.

If you want to lower costs even further, accelerating your program either through transferring credits from your secondary education or taking additional courses is an option, and students with impressive grades may also be able to apply for a tuition waiver later in the year. You may also be able to gain funding from the government in your country of origin.

Student accommodation in Ukraine

Most Ukrainian students live in university-provided student accommodation in the form of hostels and dormitories. These come in various forms, and you’ll usually share your accommodation with one or two students. You could also choose to live in a flat off-campus with a small group of students, or stay with a Ukrainian host family. In this case, you must inform your university of your term-time address.


The system of education provides good quality and is well developed. One of the most important tasks for central and local authorities is to give equal possibilities in getting top quality education for all citizens of Ukraine.

7% of Ukrainian professionals who teach 11 million students (22% of the population)  are involved in the area of education and upbringing.

There are 18400 institutions for pre-school preparation. According to the Constitution secondary school takes the central part in the system and is free and quite accessible. 7 mln. students attend 21900 schools. Private sector in secondary education is insignificant. Totally, there are 200 private schools (1% of all the amount of students).

Transition of secondary school from 10 (11) to 12 level system, according to European standards, is taking place now. Moreover, there is no difference in content of Ukrainian (post-soviet) secondary education from standards of secondary school of other European countries.

You can take vocational education in 1003 technical institutions (utchilische) on the base of lower secondary education and upper secondary education. In Ukrainian system of Education College of Further Education (tekhnikum) refers to the lower part of higher education.

Higher Education Having more than 1 million, student institutions of higher education in Ukraine form a system which considers to be one of the biggest in the world. In Ukraine you can get higher education in universities (academies, institutes) accredited on 3-4th level. After 4 years of studying you can get Bachelor degree, 5 years is for specialists, five and a half or 6 years Masters Degree. Among all the enumerated degrees Specialist is the most popular.

You become a student of a university according the results of entrance exams in July August. The academic year beginning on the 1st of September lasts up to the end of July and consists of two terms. All the students go on holidays between two terms: the first term (September – January) and the second one (February – June). Summer holidays last for two months. At the end of each term the student takes 3 or 5 examinations and 3 or 5 tests. Successful pass of examinations and tests guarantees the possibility of getting to the second term. Students have classes everyday exept weekends. They attend lectures, tutorials, work with materials in libraries and resource centers.

Higher education course includes work placement, when students have the possibility to gain experience. Recognition of qualification gained is the priority of the state. In case of successful graduation of a university students get the. Diploma no matter what form of property it refers to. The transcript of the subject list with marks is attached to the Diploma. Although the state guarantees the conformity to standards of qualification, the employer takes into consideration how authoritative the university is.Today, you can get the education in 313 universities, academies and institutes of Ukraine of 3-4th level of accreditation. Among them there are 220 state institutions, 93- non state. 54,9 % of state universities students get free education.

International Students

International students get their higher education in universities, academies and institutes that are not only accredited, but also have a special license to teach foreign students. All the universities from this Guide possess the license. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine controls the quality of educational services done to foreign students.

International students start their studying with foundation year.

It includes a course of Ukrainian (Russian) language and some of the comprehensive subjects according to the future profession. Further education is continuing together with Ukrainian students. ( English medium is also available however)


Nowadays it is common trend to study abroad, no doubt it is great way to experience something new and it gives you something unique. Study abroad opens new opportunity gates which lead you on the peak of the competitive world. People that choose to go to a different country for their further education typically look for the location in Europe. If you are really searching for a great country in Central Europe to study in, you should consider Ukraine. It is incredible place that will certainly help you stand out from the rest of the people in the current job market.

There is something very serious which leads you to choose Ukraine for your Higher Education. Studying in Ukraine has some serious advantages, especially for medical, engineering, accounting and business students. Almost all universities in Ukraine have English Medium, so you will not be forced to deal with a language barrier. you just come and begin learning. This incredible country also offers a great medical program and is know all over the world for it. This makes it an ideal choice for potential doctors or surgeons. Their degrees will be also recognized worldwide, meaning once you are out of the school, you get a job anywhere in the world. The universities are also great for all different types of majors. Ukraine is a great and cheap European country to choose.

We are providing outstanding facilities to students and make them completely satisfied, provide them with renovated hostels, good food and moreover their national food. we have all nations yearly festival programs, students live together and experience great things.












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