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Top 25 Places You Can Work In the USA As An Immigrant

One of the major reasons why many people immigrate to the USA is for the sole purpose of getting a well-paid job. 

If you wish to earn high while you work in the USA, these 25 places are the top places where you can work as an immigrant in the USA. 

It’s so surprising that the USA is one of the European countries with a high rate of immigrants trooping into the country yearly, and this is for no other reason, but for the major purpose of being able to increase their financial wellness. 

USA’s Priority Immigration Occupations

If you are into any of the below occupations, you will be highly favored for immigration to the USA. 

  • Aviation design specialists
  • Bookkeepers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Deals Representative
  • PC Programmers
  • PC Engineers
  • Programming Engineers
  • Licensed Practical Nurses and  Medical caretakers 

If you are into any of the above occupations, be rest assured of being highly favored for immigration to the USA. 

If you have been desiring to work in the USA, the below are the top 25 places that are recommended for you to work, if you want high pay. 

  1. Apotex
  2. American Express
  3. Suncor
  4. TD Bank
  5. IBM
  6. Fairmont Hotels & ResortsLedcor
  7. RBC
  8. Husky Energy
  9. H&R Block
  10. Ericsson
  11. Desjardins
  12. Sun Life Financial
  13. CNBC
  14. TELUS Communications
  15. Banque Nationale Du USA
  16. PwC
  17. Deloitte
  18. Google
  19. Accenture
  20. Citi
  21. BMO Financial Group
  22. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  23. Intact
  24. PepsiCo
  25. Shaw Communications


According to a report that was generated this year, the USA emerged to be one of the European countries, with a large number of companies. 

No matter how low-skilled you are, if you get to these places we’ve listed above, you will easily find a job. 

This indicates, regardless of your skill, you will still get a job in USA with an attractive payment, nevertheless, you have to be skilled and professional at what you do before you will be allowed to immigrate and work in USA. 


Nevertheless, it should noted that you will only be offered a job, if you meet up with the lay down requirements for the job.


In addition, you need to as well bear in mind that the cost of living in USA can be quite high. Saying this is for you to know what you will face, after getting the job. 


Top 10 Cities You Can Work In USA.

If you are desirous about working and getting highly paid in the USA. Then you do need to consider working in one of these cities in the USA.

  • Moncton, 
  • New Brunswick
  • Abbotsford, 
  • British Columbia
  • Oshawa, 
  • Ontario
  • Vancouver,
  •  British Columbia
  • Kelowna, 
  • British Columbia
  • Toronto, 
  • Ontario
  • Quebec City, 
  • Quebec
  • Saskatoon, 
  • Saskatchewan
  • Edmonton, 
  • Alberta
  • Halifax, 
  • Nova Scotia

These are the top cities where you can work in the USA. In addition, if you need to secure a job in the USA, these are the cities which you should go to, to get a job as there are a lot of companies in these cities. 

Cities With Highest Job Opportunities. 

If your sole intention is to get a job in the USA, then you need to consider settling in cities with the highest job opportunities, so you will be able to get a job faster. 

The below are cities in the USA, with the highest job opportunities. 

  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • London, Ontario
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

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In this article, we’ve discussed 25 places where you can work in the USA as an immigrant. 

Do we hope this article has been able to guide you? We will appreciate your effort to share this article with others and spread the love.

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