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How to Choose a Study Abroad Program in India

India is a big place and the choices about where and what to study may seem endless. Don’t be overwhelmed! There’s the right program for you here, just keep in mind what you want to get out of the experience.

Consider if you want to enroll directly at one of India’s universities or go through a study abroad program. Direct enrollment means you’ll be studying side-by-side with your Indian peers for the full experience in Indian student life. Going through a study abroad program, either with your home university or a third-party provider, will help take care of many of the details about arranging your placement. It all comes down to how independent you want to be.

The major things for you to consider will be what to study and where. Consider whether the university has programs and classes that align with your interests and course of study. Also keep in mind what climate and type of city you want to be in. India is a big country. You won’t be able to see it all on weekend trips, so you might want to choose a program near places that interest you in a climate you’ll find comfortable.


The types of student housing available in India are almost as diverse as the country is. You’ll find traditional dorms, some of which cater to international students. These are a good choice if you want the familiarity of people from your own country nearby. Otherwise, you can find dorms where most of your neighbors and roommates will be Indians.

Other programs offer homestays so you can experience Indian home-life at your destination. This is a great opportunity to experience Indian life at its purest. In fact, many more Indians live at home with their parents during college than students do in America. Likewise, you can find affordable apartments to rent either with roommates or as your own studio.


To get your student visa you’ll first need to be accepted into a program of study by a recognized Indian educational institution. Once you have your admission letter you can take that and your passport to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate to get the process started. Alternatively you can apply online. Remember that the wheels of bureaucracy do not turn quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply for your visa.

Social Life & Student Culture

You’ll find the culture of your host country to be a far cry from what you’re used to. But that’s why you came here! There will be almost guaranteed culture-shock. You’ll have a better time when you embrace your new destination, engage with your classmates both in and outside of the classroom, and keep an open mind about how life runs differently on this subcontinent.

One major difference you might find between student life in India and what you’re used to back home is the focus on academics. The social aspects of being in college that are so central to the American student experience are less of a concern in India. In India, the major focus is on your academic studies. Sure there are student parties and opportunities to socialize, but they are more of an afterthought here. Staying out all hours of the night before class just isn’t a norm here. In fact, most student housing has a curfew.

Health & Safety

Many universities have basic medical services, but you shouldn’t rely on these. You’ll find most hospital facilities to be lacking in equipment and services. Although most cities have decent private clinics, they can be costly.

The best thing to do is avoid problems to begin with. Drink only purified water and be wary of street food. The air quality in large cities can be downright abysmal. Take precautions if you have any respiratory concerns. Also, do your best to avoid mosquitos as they can carry diseases like dengue and malaria.

India of all places! my friends reaction when I tell them that I want to study in India. It is not strange because many are not aware of the great advancements in India in recent years. My friends use to say that India is a very poor country, and why not study in US or Canada. Some even go as far as asking me if I am not scared of Indian snakes and magic…I use to laugh it off because they lack the current information about India. In this article I will reveal to you the reasons why India is the best place to study for any student that wants an affordable high quality education.

If there is anything I miss about India then definitely will be the weather. Although this depends on the city where you find yourself. Indian cities do have their own unique weather and so this might not be true for all parts of India. I stayed in Mysore a city in Karnataka state, southern India.

Only in India that you will find out that eating outside in mess (restaurant) is cheaper than cooking by yourself. Food is so cheap in India with varieties of delicacies that will make you feel at home. My favorite was butter chicken and parrota, I miss that food till now. Food stuffs are damn cheap, chicken and milk are the cheapest compared to any other place in the world. Any way you chose to live you will be able to survive, it is either you cook by yourself or you patronize any nearby mess (mess is a restaurant where you pay monthly to eat maybe 2 square meals daily).

Health Care:
It is no more a hidden fact that Indian medical field have greatly improved in recent years. There is no kind of surgeries and operations you won’t get in India. Many top world celebrities visit India for their medical treatment due to the affordability of their service. As a student in India you get the opportunity to treat yourself of any health issue. You will also be rest assured that no matter any health issue you have while studying, the hospitals are fully equipped to handle it.

Basic Amenities:
You won’t believe that I once paid Rs100 as an electricity bill for a month. Yes this is true, I don’t use much energy in my apartment. The only thing I can remember that uses energy that much is my pressing iron and my laptop. I do everything with my laptop so sound system and TV wasn’t my concern. The point is that electricity bill in India is ridiculously cheap, no wonder many industries are moving their base to India. You will have 24/7 electricity and water although there use to be days with electricity cut out. But it doesn’t last more than 5 hours. House rent is also among the cheapest in the world. Recently Bangalore was rated the cheapest city to live in the world. I was paying Rs3,500 monthly for a bedroom, kitchen and hall apartment.

Indian Universities are recognized in the world, their medical and engineering colleges are of high quality. If you are not hard working you may find yourself having many back papers in these colleges. The degree colleges are for 3 years while the engineering colleges are for 4 years. Each academic session have two semesters. Post graduate/ master’s degree is for 2 years duration. New academic session usually starts on June/July so admissions process are allowed from January till June.
School fees in India are one of the cheapest around the world considering the high quality of the education. The first academic session fees are normally high compared to the subsequent ones. The fees also vary according to the course you are enrolled in, for example a BCA student will pay more fees than a BCOM student.
I paid Rs52,000 (BCA student) for my first academic session which went down to Rs46,000 for the second academic session. Also note that school fees depends on so many factors such as the prestige of the school can make it’s school fees more. So it is left for you to plan on the amount you can comfortably pay and then we help you locate the best University at that rate.

The Indian government are positively making policies that are steadily developing India. Their economy is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. You will get to see a lot of tourists and foreigners on medical or business purpose trooping into India on daily basis. There is no sign of slowing down in recent years it has being progression and advancement so far. India will be a force to reckon in coming years with the speed they are developing. These positive government policies will guarantee your peaceful stay while you plan your finances ahead of time.

Negative news are always spread faster, that is the world we live in. Many think that India is the rape capital of the world. I wonder how they came to that conclusion when there other countries topping India in this crime aspect. As a foreigner in India you ought to mingle with foreigners and then make friends with locals that are good. Don’t stay odd places at odd time especially if you are a girl, don’t put yourself in danger. During my studies I didn’t hear much crime against foreigners, there will be minor thief stories and police issues with students. That is normal because at the end of the day everything is settled amicably. India is a very safe place for students that really want to visit there and study.

Finally studying in India will give you the opportunity to visit amazing places like Taj Mahal one of the wonders of the world. So many wonderful scenic places that you will never forget in your life. It is a very beautiful place where you will get enchanted with nature’s beauty.












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