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How to get a job in USA

For you to work in the United state of america, it is required that you have a permit to live and work in the USA, that is you must have gotten your green card or a valid work visa, once you have any of this available you have sucessfuly unlock the doors of Jobs in America.

Now that you have won the green card aspect, the next step for you to consider is how to move to the land of your dream, that is if you are not there presently, then you should start making plans to be there as soon as your green card is ready.

There is however, one thing you may need to consider aswell, and that could be where would you live as you would have to live somewhere close to where you intend to start the job, so that you dont get to stay too far as it will cost you alot of expense and your puctuality status at work would be very poor and this may lead to your boss sacking you because no boss would be please with his staff being late to work and it is not adivisable for you as an immigrant with less cash in your account to be staying far from you workplace because you be making less and spening the money on transport

So you have got to think through about your accomodation first and be sure you have applied for a job and you are almost about to employed or already employed before you choose an apartment to stay in the US.

The good news is, jobs prospects in the US seems to be good enough for immigrant.

By the latest reasearch of the Bureau or Labor Statistics proves that the rate of unemployment in USA today is the lowest that it have ever been since 2007.

Popular jobs in USA

The United state of America is a country known by every other country to be a land filled with so many opportunity and there is a broad job market that alows for as many people to get employed in the country.

According to the United state census 159.9million people were employed this people where of the age of 16 and above as of May 2017. The interesting thing is this, the total number of people who where employed where not included to the amount of population that a company in US called Sillicon Valley, employed.

Silicon valley is the highest job sector in America and they where not inclusive in US census of employed staffs

Acording to the US data the jobs that are most applied for are:

  1. The retail sector this the most famous sector in the US with employement of 4,528,550 people in total
  2. The cashier this is the second on the list of most seeked for jobs in United states with the total of 3,541,010 people employed

So you would know the retail sector expressed here is the sector for food industry which has a total employment of 3,426,090 food makers and fast food workers here also a full list of pther famous jobs in America.

  • Office clerks
  • Nurses
  • Customer service representatives
  • Frieght and stock movers
  • Waiters and waitresses
  • secretaries

And the last on the list is the office of a general manage. This job is like a blessing for those who are aspiring to build their own business in United state of America

This are a short list of jobs commonly applied for in US and mostly of the time there are always vacant space for any of the sector that is been listed above so you can apply with all your necessary detail intact and you will be employed


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